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Farrow Systems
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On your coating removal projects, use The Farrow System® – the patented coatings removal method that uses heat to speed the coating removal process! The Farrow System® is the original "Eco friendly blasting solution"...there is no substitute!

The Farrow System® gives you these proven advantages:

  • up to 95% dust reduction over dry blasting
  • less than a pint of water per minute while blasting
  • available in industrial rental locations nationwide
  • 50%-75% reduction in media consumption
  • can use any standard blasting media
  • reduced cleanup and disposal costs
  • can blast in any weather condition
  • blasting speeds equal to dry blasting methods

  • The Farrow System®, with a blasting range of 30-130psi, can remove tough industrial coatings as well as gently clean fragile historic artifacts. And because Farrow System® never uses chemicals or hazardous materials - our process is environmentally friendly!

    The Farrow System® sells, rents, and supports their units through our highly trained dealer network all over the World!. The Farrow System® makes both cleaning and cleanup safe, fast, and cost efficient. So come in from the cold, and discover what the proven advantages of The Farrow System® can do for you!